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Callum bruh
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United Kingdom
Callum|genderflux|pronouns: he/him, it/its, they/them|aromantic|gynesexual
Hello! welcome to my page owo
My name is Callum, I'm a genderflux (he/him, it/its pronouns, they/them) person from south England! my gender changes quite a lot because I'm bad at finding terms that describe it. I am very cynical, and generally very pessimistic. (Sorry for my bad vibes^^;) I love talking to people, though. always feel free to message me! or just comment "hi" on my profile, or note me. it's always great to make friends. I also am very bad at messaging people first, so 9 times out of 10, you're gonna need to make the first move in a friendship. sorry about that ;;

Skype: (awesome spelt awsome)
tumblr: bequietfox
personal instagram: bequietfox
kik: MissMrFloof

anything else you wanna know just ask! I'm not gonna bite your head off for asking for anything else ouo


Skateboarding rabbits r cool by That-British-Cat
Skateboarding rabbits r cool
ok another new character that's been floating around my head for ages is here!! her full name is Nicola Todd but nobody calls her Nicola bc she hates that name. She's a rabbit and she's scottish and she skateboards bc why not. also she always wears either a red or purple hoodie.
idk why but i just really love her omggg 
:V by That-British-Cat
I've had this character in my head for almost a year now and I cannot believe I haven't uploaded it yet
It's name is Ojeszikah (pronounced oh-jessica) and it's genderless and it's pronouns are pretty much anything you want (though I use 'It' just bc i can) 

I've been doodling this lil guy for months but I just never uploaded a picture of it yet and that makes me sad bc I love itttt

I'll draw a reference sheet soon but for now have a little Ojeszikah making the :V face
ayyyy lmao by That-British-Cat
ayyyy lmao
I had a little time to doodle bc I got sent home from school today for stupid reasons. I've gotten out of the swing of drawing digitally... ehh this is weird bc I'm not used to mouses anymoree. yeah im trying to be active im just trash honestly......... sorry !! 
So like.. I've kind of been telling a small-ish and pretty obvious lie ever since I joined DA. I only just turned 13 this year, and I was underage ever since I've joined. I think I was 11 when I joined? I acted like the regular 11-year old though, it was super obvious because my art was awful, my spelling was awful, my attitude was awful, everything was just god-awful honestly. I am not proud of me at that time. I know if you knew me in that time, it was obvious. but I still feel the need to get this off my chest, I guess?? I really don't know. I just wanted to come clean about it, even though it wasn't that big of a thing in the first place... I really don't know. I guess I just felt odd about it. so yeah......... 

  • Listening to: pink floyd
so lately I've just been really distanced from DA and tumblr and I haven't been on YouTube for months and I just am not doing anything and I'm really sorry
I have been drawing, but not digitally. It's traditional and it's hard for me to upload it here so I'm sorry but you're not likely to see much art from me in the near future (unfollow me if you want, but this probably won't be forever. just for now)
pretty much the only thing I could possibly upload would be poetry but I don't really think people that follow me really care about my poems bc most people followed me for furry art and such and it's kind of a completely different thing
so idk if y'all wanna see that but I suppose it would be all you get from me tbh
the reason for my withdrawl is pretty much just a lot of stuff. my school is superrrr stressful and I have to do more hours of it than the average school and we get tonnes of homework and not many breaks and it really suckssss.
plus my anxiety is getting worse and worse and I feel like I've pretty much distanced myself for too long and all my friends that I used to have online don't really like/care about me anymore bc I've been ignoring them without even realising it
there's also the fact I've just really felt downn lately about so many things and I don't do anything with those emotions so they just consume me and I end up as a lazy mess that doesn't do anything apart from complain and be sad

so yeah.

Idk if I'll come back to as i used to be, which seems fairly unlikely honestly. but I'll check up more often and I really will try to be a good nice active person

but I've made this promise before and i'm not very goodd so im sorry friends 

I guess the best place to see my activity would be tumblr?? but I'm not all that active there either, but I'm more so there than here. It's bequietfox, if you wanna follow it.

so yeahhhh.
  • Listening to: Gorillaz

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